1967 Mustang 70,000 original miles

This is my daughter's car, we purchased it when she was is only 13, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to pickup an original car in such good condition.  We had been looking for a 67 or 68 coupe, red with a white vinyl top and white interior, those where my daughters requirements.  My requirements where a 6 cylinder with an automatic, nothing to fast, it's the father in me.  When I showed her this car on the internet she said it was very pretty, but why was I showing it to her since I never buy anything I have shown her in the past.  While this was true about past cars these cars where either overpriced, by my standards, or their was something or many things wrong with the car.  My main requirement on the car search was that it could not have ANY rust.  Now as many of you know that is very difficult to find in an old Mustang, but after the expense of the rust repair on my  Falcon I was willing to pay more to have a rust free car.

The car is a 1967 Mustang Sports Sprint, in 67 this was comprised of a chrome air cleaner, rocker moldings, and an exterior decor hood.  This is the true little old ladies car, it sat for many years in her garage with boxes stacked on it.  It was traded to a painter in May of 2004 in return for painting on her house.  He then traded it to Winner Chevrolet in Colfax, CA for a new Pickup. 

In the near future I will be handing over the car and feeding of this beautiful car to by daughter.

Years Owned 2004 - Present








Pictures Taken September 2004